We Make The Buttons. You Make Them Count.

We Make The Buttons. You Make Them Count.

Progressive Buttons are a CALL TO ACTION. They offer activists and revolutionaries across the country a cool way to express their individual liberty of thought and action.

Whether supporting Womens Rights, Immigrant Rights, Environmental Protection, Black Lives Matter or the Stop-Trump movement - there's a button for them all.  

For Every Button you Buy $1 will be donated to various groups supporting progressive causes.

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Fundraising Kits

Fundraising Kits

With the current political climate so polarized in the United States, there are many people protesting and marching for different reasons. Whether it is for Women’s Rights or the Black Lives Matter movement, people are showcasing their support. With the unique setup for these fundraising kits, you have the opportunity to make a profit that can then be donated to a cause of your choice.

Changing the political atmosphere requires more than just a three-hour event, and people want to be able to perpetually showcase their affiliations to promote their causes. 

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$10,000 Donation Goal

$1 from each sale will be donated to progressive causes

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What our buttons represent

  • Women's Rights

    Women's rights are an essential component of universal human rights.

    They reflect the fact that men and women have very different experiences - and the fact that women and girls often face gender-based discrimination.

  • Immigration Reform

    Support immigration reform that keeps families intact.

    Provide more pathways to citizenship. Separate the responsibilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the police.

  • Enviromental Protection

    Climate Change is real! 

    To ​confront climate change — a threat ​facing ​our entire planet — people everywhere must take part in practical, affordable solutions.

  • LGBTQ Rights

    Standing up for LGBTQ rights is really important. 

    A slate of anti-LGBTQ laws and policies is sweeping across the country with transgender and gender-nonconforming people squarely in the crosshairs.

  • Social Justice Movements

    We need to defend and preserve the Constitution’s promise of liberty for everyone in our country.

    From free speech, racial justice, voting rights and legalizing marijuana. 

  • Trump

    Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president brings into focus just how broken our economic and political systems are.

    We know Trump won’t be the one to fix them. Already, his rhetoric and Cabinet choices indicate that the Trump administration will be an agent for deepening crony capitalism and expanding corporate influence. The result will be even more economic injustice, racism, and inequity.