Indivisible March Utah for Women's Equality- August 26 North State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Our Revolution: Salt Lake & Surrounding Counties is hosting this national Indivisible March event! We'll meet at the Capitol and March to the Federal Building. Come out and celebrate the Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and rally for Women's rights! RSVP to attend here: Event Agenda: Indivisible March Utah for Women's Equality 10:00AM - Meet below the South Capitol steps Heidi Calder - Introduction of our Celebration of the 19th Amendment and some of the inequality issues that women still face today. Candidate Speakers will include... *Erin Mendenhall for SLCCouncil District 5 *Danny Drew for US Senate *Amy Fowler for SLCCouncil District 7 *Corey Thomas for South SLCCouncil District 2 *Ben Frank for Congressional District 3 *Sophia Jean Hawes-Tingey for Mayor of Midvale *Darlene McDonald, running to replace Mia Love in CD4! Other Speakers...

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